The automatic hoof treatment crush

The automatic hoof treatment crush – comfort and safety for both the animal and the operator.

The hoof treatment crush is used to restrain the animal and its limbs for the duration of hoof treatment and other veterinary, preventive and treatment activities.

The crush dimensions and rubber floor have been specially developed to make the animals feel comfortable and calm during hoof treatment.

The crush is made of galvanized steel.

With the automatic crush, hoof treatment takes only 5 minutes. The cow will not have time to twitch and kick.

Absence of projecting parts allows the animal to move more easily. The system for opening and closing of the front part of the crush is fast and easy to provide the operator’s safety.

The crush was developed taking into consideration the natural movement of cows to prevent injuries of joints, ligaments and tendons.

The crush has been optimized in order to provide the best efficiency for animals of any size thanks to adjustment of the rear roller.

Therefore, lifting of the supports is crucial while conducting work on limbs without excessive effort and discomfort.

The animal leans on the front part of the crush, and that does not affect weight distribution between the limbs.


  • 4 motors: 220 V;
  • Length: 2,05m;
  • Height: 1,20m;
  • Width: 1,90m;
  • Вес: 450кг.