Milk and feed pasteurizer Tata Calf

150L and 200L milk and feed pasteurizer Tata Calf is a heater, mixer and distributor.

Mobile pasteurizer with 3 big wheels. Made of stainless steel. Tank capacity up to 200 liters. Equipped with a speed controlled motorized mixer for uniform mixing and maintaining set temperature of the liquid inside of the tank.

Tata pasteurizer is a three-wheel mixer, heater and distributor.

With its electronic control panel all functions of pasteurizer are easily under control; level of battery, milk temperature or the quantity of distributed portions. It is possible to set starting time of heating element and temperature that liquid should reach according to your needs.

Our speed controlled version enables you to control speed of mixer, according to type of feed. With dozing pump you can decide quantity to be distributed each time and pump will stop automatically when set quantity is reached.

It is possible to program time of starting of pasteurizing cycle which is completely autonomous. Washing will stop automatically when cycle is finished. Both 150L and 200L versions can be motorized with powerful forward and reverse movement and emergency brake (with integrated battery and charger).

Technical characteristics:

  • 150/200L stainless steel tank;
  • 3000W heater;
  • motorized 0.55 kW mixer with adjustable speed;
  • 380 or 220 V operating voltage;
  • distribution pump with nozzle;
  • drain valve;
  • milk and feed heater;
  • electronic quantity counter.