The deep tiltable drinker.

The deep tiltable drinker. Your animals will get a supply of fresh, clean and cool water all year round

The use of modern drinking systems in barns promotes proper water supply for animals. Any cow requires a lot of drinking. On average, a cow drinks at least 60-80 liters of water every day, while a high yield cow drinks even more, up to 130. To produce one liter of milk a cow consumers up to 5 l of water.

The deep tiltable drinker 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm, for wall or floor mounting

  • Stainless steel drinker basin.
  • Complete with galvanized frame for installing the drinker on a wall or for stationary installation on the floor.
  • A shape convenient for animals: optimal drinker height ensures easy water access for animals.
  • A highly efficient float valve, water supply rate up to 25 l/min.
  • The protective cover of the float valve is easily attached.
  • ½ ″ connection to water supply system  is done via flexible leads, as the float is turned over during water drainage.

24 V heating coil, for installation under the bottom of the drinker

  • Simple coil installation under the bottom of the drinker.
  • Convenient drinker washing thanks to absence of ledges inside the basin.
  • Frost resistance up to -20°C.
  • For freezing protection of the lateral water supply pipes, they are wound with 24 V thermal wiring: length 2 m, 20 W or 3 m, 30 W.
  • The thermal wiring is connected to the heating coil in parallel with the wires that supply voltage from the transformer. When connecting the thermal wiring to the water supply with polyethylene pipes, make sure that such pipes are suitable for both cold and hot water.
  • Electrical connection is carried out via a 230/24V reducing transformer. For automatic switching on and off of transformers, a thermostat can be additionally connected.