The “Cosmix” concentrate feeder

The “Cosmix” concentrate feeder – if your cows deserve more.

Cows are expected to produce large quantities of milk. Cow feeding in accordance with its individual requirements maintains its health and allows to completely use its potential.

Economical feeding

The “Cosmix” concentrate feeder is used for balanced feeding of cows with low and high productivity or to provide additional minerals for cows that require them. “Cosmix” is completely compatible with the “Astronaut” milking robot and connected to the T4C management system. This ensures constant supply of concentrated feeds along with the concentrates being fed in the robot to give a stable rumen pH. Also, it allows you to manage feeding, based on the yield, in order to increase the number of robot visits, and not to provide concentrated feed when cows don’t need to be fed.

Individual cow feeding is an affordable way of assessing the body condition score. Managing the concentrate supply this way, you improve the animals’ general condition, milk yield and reproductive function, as well as improve milk quality and feed efficiency.

Balanced for every cow

When the cow enters the “Cosmix”, it is identified based by the collar or the tag on its leg. Since the daily ration of every cow is constantly calculated and corrected, the “Cosmix” system instantly detects what the cow should eat and in what amount. There is no waste, since the feed is distributed in accordance with the speed at which the cow eats.

The “Cosmix” concentrate feeder is durable and reliable, made of stainless steel and long-lasting materials, ensuring a long-term solution for individual feeding at the farm.

The “Cosmix” supplies only one type of feed. As an option, the station can be equipped to serve 4 types of feed. Also, the new “Cosmix” has the possibility of managing augers. It is beneficial, because there is no need for sensors for starting and stopping augers.

Main advantages

  • Well-balanced supply of concentrates;
  • Higher number of robot visits;
  • Stimulates a stable rumen pH;
  • Integrated into the T4C herd management system;
  • Individual feeding;
  • Feeding in accordance with milking intervals.

Consumer feedback

"The “Cosmix” gives my cows what they are missing."