The “Calm” calf feeder

The “Calm” calf feeder – stress-free calf breeding

Everyone who wants to have a cow with a stable high performance level, first need to optimize young stock breeding. The “Calm” automatic calf feeder guarantees optimal growth and development of young stock. Calves can act naturally and drink when they want, but they are under control, and labor expenses are minimized. Is it important to remember: today’s calves are tomorrow’s productive cows.

Calm upbringing

When a calf is nursed by its mother, as a rule, the necessary portions are distributed across the whole day. However, in today’s dairy farming, when a calf is nursed manually, feeding is reduced to one or two times per day. This is why Lely presents the “Calm” automatic calf feeder, which ensures the necessary portion and concentration of feed for the whole day, taking into account the calf’s natural behavior. The “Calm” automatic calf feeder is a great start for calves. This leads to a reduction in expenses and an increase in profits. Accurate and small portions are distributed across the day, significantly improving the development of the calves’ digestive system. Calves are weaned by means of gradual reduction of milk portions. Gradual reduction of milk portions guarantees that the calves will automatically start consuming more roughage. With the “Calm” automatic calf feeder, calf observation will take only a few minutes a day. Every milking farm that values its animals needs a “Calm” automatic calf feeder

The “Calm” automatic calf feeder is perfectly suitable for preparing the calf for robotic milking in the future. From the earliest age, animals are taught to consume milk which makes them active and, first of all, they get used to the automatic feeders and all the sounds they emit. As a result, the fresh cow is not afraid of the milking robot during the first milking.

With the automatic feeder you will have healthy calves, increased rate of growth, feed efficiency and lower labor costs. Labor economy with the automatic calf feeder amounts to 60% - 70%, the “Calm” will recoup the investment in 3 years. The automatic calf feeder is a reliable device which requires minimal maintenance.

Portion feeding

As soon as the calf enters the feeding station, it is identified by the electronic transmitter and, in accordance with the feeding schedule, the automatic calf feeder decides whether to feed the calf and determines the quantity. Minimal and maximum portions of milk per visit are established per each calf, then the feeder will automatically determine the ration for each calf. If the calf is allowed to feed, the “Calm” will immediately prepare a fresh portion of milk at the set temperature.

Quick adjustment

The calf feeder provides training functions. One press of a button lets out a small stream of milk, which helps teach the calf to drink in the feeding station. The feeding station will work in the same way every time, dosing the set portion of milk at the set temperature. Calves easily get used to it. “Calm” is suitable for calves of various sizes.

A perfect overview

The automatic calf feeder allows you to control the calves at any time. The “Calm” can be connected to the T4C management system and can give a clear idea and control over all the calves via a PC. It also allows to create reports and portion schedules per calf. You can select only fresh milk, milk powder of a mixture of both  for feeding.

2 models of the “Calm” calf feeder are available:

“Calm compact”

  • Feeds over 50 calves;
  • Able to control 1-2 drinking stations;
  • 35 kg milk powder tank.

“Calm vario”

  • Feeds over 100 calves;
  • Able to control 1-4 feeding stations;
  • 35 kg or 50 kg milk powder tank.

Main advantages

  • Time-saving;
  • Increase in weight gain;
  • Improvement in rumen development;
  • Labor efficient;
  • Individual calf management;
  • Stable and accurate milk temperature;
  • Flexible feeding schedule;
  • Stress-free weaning;
  • Suitable for farms of any size.

Consumer feedback:

«With the «Calm» automatic calf feeder calf breeding is a great joy, and it perfectly suits my daily routine».  
New Zealand


«I no longer have to wear myself out. The device is easy to clean and the calves like it!». 
Great Britain