The “Vector” automatic feeding system

The “Vector“ automatic feeding system – a flexible system for fresh feed supply

The efficiency of high-quality milk production  depends on whether you can feed the cows constantly, on time and in sufficient amounts. Use of the “Vector” automatic system allows you to give the cows fresh feed all day long, making cow feeding precise and uniform with minimal labor costs. This allows to achieve optimal results, while preserving care for the cows.

Optimal versatility

Care about cow feeding is an important everyday job. It is necessary to remember about it all the time. When using the “Vector” automatic feeding system you can forget about cow feeding for three days! More than that, when using the “Vector” system you can choose any feeding program. It is a superb solution for all farms.

Flexible feeding every day

  • Fast and simple changes in feed type – the open kitchen provides unlimited freedom.
  • Quick change of ration if necessary – every cow group gets their type of feed.
  • More precise feeding – animals get the feed that they require.
  • Flexible change of animal groups – move cows into other groups without obstacles.

Flexibility in performing everyday jobs

  • Freedom in work planning – the system can form a feed reserve three days in advance.
  • Feeding is based on cows’ requirements – the feed height sensor detects when fresh feed needs to be added.
  • Independent of labor resources – daily feed care under your control without labor expenses.
  • Feed pushing around the clock – fewer feed losses.

Versatile application at any farm

  • Suitable for narrow feed passages, without additional guides or profiles – more freedom and fewer installation expenses.
  • Several barns – one feeding system: one robot can supply feed to several barns.
  • Simple route setting – change of barn or ration for separate animal groups.
  • Ready for further expansion – 250-300 cows per robot, two robots per one kitchen for even higher efficiency.

Fresh feed – several times a day

Cows are a source of income for the farmer. Therefore, they deserve to be fed with a fresh, well-balanced ration. The “Vector” system allow to supply feed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The mixer is alternately filled with small portions of various feed. Little time is required to mix a new portion.

Fresh, well mixed portions

  • Superb mixing in a short time period.
  • Excellent feed flavor qualities.
  • Small fresh portions.
  • Safe storage at the kitchen during several days – the feed is kept in blocks, which prevents drying.
  • Higher feed consumption – constant supply of fresh feed increases consumption, especially among low-ranking cows.

The highest return on investments into feed

Agriculture is becoming more and more like a business, in which financial success depends on the efficiency of profit management. Non-stop feed supply has a positive effect on cow health, and a general increase in feed consumption leads to a rise in the performance of low-ranking cows.

Feeding with the “Vector” – a strategy for achieving greater profits

  • The “Vector” is suitable for various cow groups – even small groups get their own, specially mixed portion.
  • Feed supply is carried out in accordance with the feed absorption coefficient.
  • Low operational costs: clean, quiet and energy-saving.
  • Save up to eight hours of work per week!
  • Increase in feed use efficiency – results proven by detailed research.
  • More frequent milking robot visits – supply of fresh feed several times a day stimulates cow activity.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions of the automatic feed mixing and supply system

Length 246 cm
Width 162 cm
Weight 1 281 kg
Height with open /closed sliding doors 278cm/193 cm
Mixer volume 2m3

Volume and requirements

Max. efficiency of one automatic device (animals) 250- 300
Max. number of groups 16
Floor surface flat
Max. slope 5%

Min. necessary width of feed table

Feeding on both sides 325 cm
Feeding on one side 310 cm
Feed passage 275 cm

Feed kitchen, necessary dimensions of feed blocks

Shape Blocks with straight sides
Max. depth (operating width) 105 cm
Feed Well cut or crushed product, stem length 10 to 20 cm.

Automatic feed mixing and supply system

The “Vector” automatic feed mixing and supply system is an autonomous, accumulator-based mechanism, able to autonomously mix and dispense feed.

Feed kitchen

The feed kitchen is an area in which feed is stored, selected, taken and loaded into the robot for mixing. Depending on the width and depth of the kitchen, up to three days’ worth of feed can be kept in it.

Feed clamping device – selects, raises and loads the feed into the robot for feed mixing and supply. It explores the sector of the storage area which is devoted to a specific type of feed. Clamping takes place at the highest point of the storage area.

Emergency doors – the whole system conforms to the strictest international standards. The feed kitchen is opened only when it needs to be refilled.

Dispensing device for minerals and additives – minerals and additives can also be mixed with roughages in small quantities.

Dispensing device for concentrated feed – controls dosing of concentrated feed stored in bulk. The quantity can be defined and mixed with roughages with maximum precision.

The “Vector” automatic feed supply system

Flexible in operation

  • Flexible in terms of feeding strategy;
  • Flexible in everyday work;
  • Flexible for farms of all types with the possibility of further expansion.

Fresh feed

  • Fresh from the storage area;
  • Fresh from the feed kitchen;
  • Fresh on the feed table.

Feed supply

  • Well balanced feed portions;
  • Feed in accordance with requirements;
  • Uniform spread of feed along the feed fence.

Leads to

  • Relieve of tension in the herd;
  • Increase in cow activity;
  • Higher feed consumption;
  • High feed efficiency;
  • High milk production

Consumer feedback

« I am sure that the milk yield in the heard will grow thanks to the use of the “Vector” automatic feeding system. Non-stop supply of fresh feed is a great advantage, especially in the summer. It will, without doubt, pay for itself ».
The Netherlands 

«At this farm we save 600 hours and about 6 000 liters of diesel fuel every year while using the new system».

«A few years ago we used a rail-based feeding system in our previous barn. And compared to that, this system is much more flexible in operation. Using the “Vector” system, we can even feed the neighbor’s cows in our barns».
The Netherlands