The “Walkway” automatic hoof washing and disinfection system

The “Walkway” automatic hoof washing and disinfection system

Animal hoof health is very important at a dairy farm. It affects fertility, productivity and feed consumption, as well as care costs etc. For perfect hygiene and optimal hoof health it is important to regularly use a hoof bath. Optimal hoof health at an automated farm is of key importance for normal use of automatic devices.

Main advantages

  • The hoof bath is started with one push of a button;
  • Does not hinder cow traffic;
  • The bath remains clean;
  • Easy to operate;
  • The bath is cleaned and filled with water with one push of a button.

The “Walkway” automatic hoof washing and disinfection system is very convenient in operation thanks to the function of automatic water and chemical filling (there is a possibility for injecting two different chemical preparations in the necessary concentration), as well as water flushing and cleaning.

The hoof care bath ensures:

  • Minimal labor costs: the system is activated by one push of a button;
  • Hoof baths always remain clean: dirty hoof baths are a potential source of hoof diseases in the herd;
  • Free passage: after automatic cleaning the bath is returned to its home position, allowing the cows to continue moving without obstacles.

Just one push of a button

With one push of a button, the “Walkway” hoof bath switches to the work (horizontal) position and is filled with water, which is kept in a tank above the box. At the same time, a hoof care preparation is poured in. The bath is automatically emptied and cleaned by means of a spray nozzle before it is returned to its home position (vertical). When the bath is not in use, animals can easily walk without contaminating it.

A healthy, calm herd

The automatic, easy to use hoof bath allows the farmer to use it more often, which has a positive effect on general hoof health in the herd. The constantly operational hoof baths guarantee peace in the herd.

Technical characteristics

Weight (kg) 455
Height (cm) 232
Length (cm) 230
Width (cm) 105
Water tank (l) 240
Volume, bath (l) 210
Length, bath (cm) 200
Power consumption (V AC) 220