The inverted L-shaped cow brush

The passive inverted L-shaped cow brush

Mechanical models of cattle brushes are also available at the farm equipment market. Their advantage is the possibility to save power. The construction of the passive inverted L-shaped cow brush is an example of a very simple and simultaneously one of the most necessary things that need to be present at both small milking farms and large animal breeding complexes.

The inverted L-shaped cow brush is intended to take care of the skin and hair of the cows. The underlying principle of the cow brush’s operation is based on the natural behavior of the cows that use the brush as a tree to scratch its itches. When placed in loose housing facilities for cattle, the cow brushes provide additional comfort for the animals that gladly use the brushes.

The inverted L-shaped cow brush (mechanical) is a highly durable construction made of two brushes with a spring. One brush is fixed on a wall, the other on a stable suspension. The excellent elasticity and high durability allow the inverted L-shaped cow brush to withstand even extreme loads, such as animal mounts. The brushes have special nylon wear-resistant bristles. The ensure outstanding cleaning of animals of any size. They can be easily and reliably mounted in any suitable place.