The Qwes cow detection system

Every farmer knows that it is necessary to watch the cows in order to constantly control their health condition and heat periods. In order to optimize the work, a unique device has been developed to detect health problems and heat at the earliest stages. The animal identification system guarantees unrivalled accuracy, 24/7, while controlling and cow’s productivity and health condition.

The cow knows its purpose

Reliable cow identification in heat is a key factor for successful herd breeding with artificial insemination (AI). The tag detects the general activity level, which allows to perform artificial insemination at the right time. Thus, insemination is optimized, calving intervals are minimized and semen consumption is greatly reduced. Changes in rumination are the earliest warning sign of any potential problem. The sooner the farmer gets information of a potential problem, the cheaper it will be to eliminate it. The effect on productivity and appetite of the whole herd can be measured in the same manner. Also, the system automatically warns you of cows’ low activity, which often serves as the first sign of disease and lameness.

Cows that have health problems will be entered into the management program, which allows you to devote time to cows that really require attention. The combination of rumination and activity control with cow identification facilitates correct and reliable decision-making. Thorough monitoring of the cow’s condition and early detection of problems are crucially important for the improvement of the overall herd condition, and an increase in total milk yield.

Registering every move

The Qwes animal identification system is a collar-integrated identification sensor. Activity levels are measured by means of a complex acceleration sensor which measures the intensity and duration of movement, not just steps. The animal identification system fulfills an additional function by means of measuring rumination activity — determination of the cow’s health condition at an early stage. The tag is attached on a belt to the upper part of the cow’s neck in a way that protects the tag from mechanical damage. The belt and the buckle are comfortably attached and, if necessary, tags can be easily switched between animals. The animal identification system includes an acceleration sensor, a specially adjusted microphone, microprocessor and a memory device. The tag records general activity data and analyzes vocal signals in order to calculate the rumination time.

The main advantage of the system is the fact that infrared identification devices that upload data from the collar can be placed in different points of a barn, such as milking robots or feed stations. Many options are available for frequent information uploads and data acquisition. Identification devices are easy to install and are suitable for most farms — no special construction necessary.

Main advantages:

  • Insemination occurs at the right time;
  • Optimal reproduction;
  • Shorter calving intervals;
  • Discovery of first sign of potential health issues.

Consumer feedback

«I trust the animal identification system more than I trust my own eyes ».