Observance of hygienic norms during milking

Observance of hygienic norms during milking – cleanliness outside and inside

Production of foodstuffs requires great responsibility and observance of sanitary and hygienic norms, especially at a robotic farm. For instance, you need to constantly clean walls and floors in the (milking) stalls / robot installation areas, as well as the territory around the milking robot or other milking equipment.

Automatic cleaning

During the startup of every “Astronaut” milking robot, the service engineer installs the Astri line of products. The “Astronaut” milking robots is automatically cleaned by means of Astri-Lin twice a day and once by means of Astri-Cid. Both substances are suitable for any sewage removal systems used at farms, and they are also suitable for the “Nautilus” cooling tank. Such cleaning promotes a safe environment for milking and has a positive effect on milk quality. Use of chemicals in accordance with specifications allows to increase the longevity of the “Astronaut” milking robot.

Purity indicator

The “Astronaut” milking robot is equipped with a device that emits a signal when Astri-Lin and Astri-Cid containers are empty. For the purposes of neutralization, Astri-Cid should be used in combination with  Astri-Lin, which doesn’t cause formation of chloride gas.

Astri-L has been developed specially for cleaning and relieving the microbiological load on the brushes and rollers, which are used by the “Astronaut” milking robot for cleaning of the udder and the teats. This substance is highly efficient thanks to surfactants which deeply penetrate the brush’s material and does not erode it. The advantages of using Astri-L to clean brushes are the following: the brush cleaning system is the only system is the only system that uses Astri-L for disinfection between cleaning the cows, which allows to prevent cross-contamination of the animals. This results in achievement of the best milk quality indices, not only in terms of number of bacteria, but also in terms of butyric acid. Astri-L does not leave traces or residues (separate components have been approved by the FDA for use not only as part of cleaning substances). The recommended concentration of the substance does not cause udder skin irritation.

Astri-L is supplied in blue containers, 22kg each.

Astri-Din udder spray

The Astri-Din lactic acid-based udder spray has been developed specially for use in the “Astronaut” milking robot. After application, the spray fully covers the teats. Lactic acid is an active component which prevents the possibility of cross contamination. Astri-Din ensures excellent protection of the milk canals. It contains additional soothing materials, such as glycerin and sorbitol, which maintain the necessary level of moisture and greasiness of the skin. The lactic acid is pH-neutral and possesses great cosmetic properties. It protects the skin from adverse weather conditions and prevents mechanical damage during milking.


Astri-Cell is a liquid used for measuring the somatic cell count in milk. It is used by the MQC-C sensor system of the “Astronaut” milking robot. The sensor system measures the number of somatic cell count per each quarter during every milking. Diagnostics in the MQC-C system is carried out by means of a mastitis test. Use of Astri-Cell allows to get precise information on the somatic cell count in the milk, which allows to observe milk quality and udder health. Astri-Cell consists of carefully selected and developed surfactants which possess unique properties that guarantee stable chemical reaction with the white blood cell walls.

It is shipped in concentrated form in 1 liter bottles, or in mixed form in 20 liter canisters.

Astri-Cid cleaning substance

Astri-Cid is a cleaning substance, developed specially for cleaning of the “Astronaut” milking robot and milk cooling tanks. It contains special acids which actively remove non-organic deposits, such as lime and milkstone.

It is very important to prevent corrosion in the MQC (milk quality control system) – the heart of the “Astronaut” milking robot. It does not have a negative effect on rubber and washers, it has great bactericidal properties, which allows to significantly reduce the number of bacteria.

It is shipped in 24 kg blue canisters.


Astri-Lin is a chlorine-free – liquid alkaline cleaning substance, developed specially for basic cleaning of the “Astronaut” milking robot. It is great at removing traces of milk fat and protein. It has been tested and can be used with the “Astronaut” milking robot. It does not damage materials.

  • Does not contain chlorine. Substances that contain chlorine erode stainless steel, which can lead to corrosion of the boiler of the milking robot. Corrosion leads to cracks that cause leakage.
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly;
  • To be used in small amounts, acts much more effectively than substances that contain chlorine.

Astri-Lin is shipped in 25 kg blue containers.

Astri-TDS cleaning substance

Astri-TDS is an alkaline cleaning agent, intended for outer cleaning of photo- and laser detectors of the “Astronaut” milking robot. If the laser device is not cleaned, it increases the time necessary for the system to identify the teats, therefore reducing the throughput of the milking robot. Astri-TDS easily cleans the laser system from residues of dissolved salts (consequences of water hardness), urine, milkstone and metal ions. The Astri-TDS cleaning agent has been fully tested on materials of the milking robot and adjacent areas.

It is shipped in 1 liter bottles.