Drinkers. Your animals will be provided with fresh, clean and cool water all year round

Use of modern drinking systems helps support proper water supply to animals. Any cow needs plenty of drinking. On average, a cow drinks at least 60-80 liters of water daily, while a high-performance cow drinks up to 130. In order to produce on liter of milk a cow needs to consume up to 5 l of water.

The “Big Spring” drinker

Advantages of the “Big Spring” drinker:

  • Highly durable polyethylene construction;
  • No sharp corners;
  • No possibility for formation of cracks and chips, corrosion;
  • 5 year warranty;
  • Rubber washers for air-tight sealing;
  • Bottom with slope for easier washing;
  • Several easy access panels;
  • Polyurethane insulation, 5-8 cm thick;
  • Optional electric heater available;
  • Models with volumes of 273, 364 and 500 l available.

“Lakcho” bowl drinker with anti-freezing protection.

24V-50V. Transformer supplied separately.

A large polyethylene tank with constant water level. To be installed on a polyethylene base or concrete base Ø300 mm. An 80 Watt version is also available (for Northern countries). Intended for 15 heads of cattle. Recommended for young stock.

Tiltable stainless steel drinkers LB 150EL / LB 220EL

Resistance: 24 V, 3х80 W / 4х80 W
Capacity: 25 l / 35 l
Water level: 80 mm
Tap throughput: up to 100 l/min

The shipment includes a heating strip (24V, 22W) to make sure the water supply line does not freeze.

In the summertime in a barn, where drinkers are installed, there is often a temperature of 25-30о С. This is the optimal environment for development and multiplication of bacteria. Thanks to the system of quick and abundant water flushing, drinker cleaning is more intensive and allows to reach high results in obtaining clean water. The drinker allows to simultaneously feed 3 to 5 cows. The length of the drinker is 1,5 m or 2,2 m. It is installed in a spacious enough place. It can be installed at the exit from the milking parlor at the distance of 5-10 m, which allows to quickly fulfill the cows’ drinking requirements after milking (30% of the daily requirement of a dairy cow). The drinker has no sharp corners, which prevents bruising.

Multilarge drinker 220S / 220EL

Weight: 50 kg
Total height: 760 mm
Height during drinking: 600 mm
Length: 2272 mm
Width: 622 mm
Capacity: 145 l

Advantages of the “Multi 220S” drinker:

  • The tap assembly (throughput: 36 l/min) is well protected from the animals;
  • The tank and cover have a double partition made of high-durability polyethylene;
  • 10 openings for mounting on a concrete base or directly on the ground;
  • Quick flush through an opening with a plug with a 100 mm diameter facilitates efficient cleaning. The “freeze protection” mode is available thanks to the А-368 circulation assembly.

Advantages “Multi 220EL” drinker:

  • Ensure supply of warmed up water in harsh winter conditions (temperature up to -20о С)
  • 4 heating plates ensure frost protection;
  • It is necessary to additionally install a 20V/400V-A transformer,  А-502 type to supply electric power;
  • Allows to quickly fulfill animals’ water requirement after milking;
  • Easy to clean: tank with no corners, curves or pockets, quick water flush;
  • Easy to install: 10 openings for mounting on a concrete base or directly on the ground;
  • Economical;
  • Power consumption: 4х80W;
  • The shipment includes a heating wire (24V, 22W) for protection of water supply line.

Tip: it is recommended to install it at the exit from the milking parlor and in corridors between stalls. It needs to be installed on a concrete mass about 20 cm in height.

Thermolac: frost-resistant drinkers that do not consume electricity

Thermolac 70GV

  • The drinker works on the thermos principle;
  • A model with two balls for 30 heads of cattle;
  • Efficient in up to -30о С in the winter period;
  • In summer time, water remains fresh;
  • While the animals drink, the drinker is refilled with fresh water, while the double wall filled with high-density polyurethane foam, maintains constant water temperature (3 - 5о С in winter or 10 - 12о С in the summer).

Thermolac 40GV

  • 1 ball for standard pressure.
  • 1-ball model for 15 heads of cattle;
  • Water flushing time is reduced to 15 seconds.

Thermolac 75B

  • Effective at temperatures up to -15о С in the winter period;
  • Freezing protection without electricity;
  • The drinker uses the thermos principle;
  • Detachable metal bowl;
  • Tap and pipe assembly with a constant pressure level;
  • Easy to open and clean;
  • Water remains fresh in the summer;
  • Intended for 30 heads of cattle, 50 goats or sheep;
  • 2-bowl model.

Thermolac 40B

  • 1 bowl for standard pressure.
  • Suitable for 15 heads of cattle or 25 goats;
  • 1-bowl model.

Tip: You need a Thermolac drinker, if 3 of the 4 above-mentioned conditions apply to your situation:

  • 1 person to take care of 100 animals;
  • You don’t have the time for defrosting, repairs or adjustment of the drinker;
  • Cleaning must not take more than 1 minute;
  • You want to make a good investment for the next 10 or 20 years.

The “MiraFount” drinker

Advantages of the MiraFount drinker:

  • High-strength construction, no possibility of corrosion;
  • Additional insulation above valve;
  • Detachable top for easy access to valve;
  • Bottom with slope for easier washing;
  • Ball system for water freezing prevention.

Consumer feedback

«I was looking for a drinker that is easy to clean. With the La Bouvette drinker, when I change the straw bedding I lock the drinker in the tilted position. Straw does not get into the drinker, it is very practical. I was amazed by how quickly the drinker is filled. Cows have no problems with drinking ».