The “Luna” cow brush

The “Luna” cow brush – care for your cows

The “Luna” cow brush provides maximum comfort for the cows. Comfort and hygiene have great significance in the barn. The “Luna” cow brush has been developed to serve the cows by helping them get rid of dust and itches. Cows like the brush and approach it with obvious enjoyment several times a day.

Maximum comfort for cows

Without a doubt, cow comfort is an important factor that affects the herd’s well-being, health and performance. The “Luna” cow brush contributes to this process, ensuring healthy and shiny hair, stimulating blood circulation, which makes the herd calmer.

A smart technology

Thanks to a well-developed construction, the “Luna” cow brush is activated upon being touched and starts rotating in the opposite direction from every new push by the cow. This guarantees maximum comfort for the cow and a long lifespan for the brush. Since the brush rotates in both directions, the bristles retain their shape longer. Also, a minimal number of moving parts ensures simple and low-expense installation. Bristles of various thickness are located on the in a spiral pattern to achieve maximum comfort. The “Luna” is a single construction and can easily be installed on a post or a wall.

Main advantages

  • A calmer herd;
  • High longevity;
  • Maximum cow comfort;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Stimulated blood circulation;
  • Clean and healthy skin;
  • Simple installation;
  • Maximum security.

Brush characteristics

The “Luna” cow brush can be installed on standard circular section posts with diameters of 2”, 2.5”, 3”, as well as rectangular section posts with diameters of 6” and 8”. A set of wall mounting parts is also available. The “Luna” is supplied in two versions – 230V and 115V. The brush ensures maximum cow safety.

Consumer feedback

«Why not spoil your cows from time to time?»