Stall bedding equipment

Stall bedding equipment

The issues of mechanization of auxiliary processes at animal farms are becoming more important, namely the process of laying bedding. Currently, due to lack ways of mechanization, most of the time it is laid manually. Thanks to new bedding equipment, labor costs are significantly reduced and, therefore, total costs go down.

The award winning AG Mini spreader

AG Mini uniformly and economically spreads hydrated lime at distances of up to 1 m.

AG Mini is driven by a dual-speed electric engine, powered by a rechargeable battery, allowing to work non-stop for two hours.

AG Mini can lay bedding in 160 stalls in one round. The spreading distance and quantity of material dispensed can be adjusted. After operation, a charging device is connected to the dispenser. The charging process takes no more than six hours.

Technical data

Weight 33 kg
Volume 95 l
Spreading height 40 cm
Width 540 cm

The AG Maxi battery-powered wheeled sawdust dispenser

AG Maxi has been developed for spreading of various types of sawdust at a high speed and can contain 2-3 bags, 25 kg each.

Technical data

Weight 55 kg
Volume 215 l
Distribution rate 215 l/min
Spreading height 45 cm
Width 78 mm

The AG 175 Xtra stall bedding bucket

For greater cow comfort it is important to have good bedding materials in the stalls. This machine has been developed with this purpose in mind, allowing milk producers to lay bedding regularly, quickly, dust-free, saving materials and in working in accordance with the requirements of the Milk products quality guarantee system. Polished head rollers have been developed to provide durability and wear-resistance, reduce material accumulation, which makes the conveyor’s longevity higher.

It can distribute: sand (wet/dry), grain, straw, sawdust, wood chips, paper, plaster, ash.

Technical data

  • The bucket is fully galvanized;
  • Reinforced edge of the tank;
  • Discharge valve;
  • Engine and auger with PTO shaft on pin;
  • PVC belt;
  • Polished head roller;
  • 3 year warranty;
  • 6mm coil;
  • Stainless steel bolts.

A built-in discharge valve/supply valve allows to regulate material supply, reduces back pressure on the tractor’s hydraulics, reduces overheating of hydraulics, allows surplus fuel to be discharged via the return fuel line.

Advantages of the AG Maxi:

  • Distribution adjustment;
  • Spreading at distances of 1 – 1,2 m;
  • Suitable for all types of sawdust;
  • No fuses;
  • Reduces bedding distribution time;
  • Possibility of total recharge;
  • Discharge via high speed conveyor.