“IsoCell” inflatable curtains

“IsoCell” inflatable curtains – an excellent solution for natural ventilation

“IsoCell” is an isolating and airtight system which allows to reduce heat losses, eliminate the risk of building freezing, provides plenty of light in the building, as well as a great influx of fresh air. This excellent, high-quality and highly aesthetic system is simple and requires no adjustment. More than that, it significantly reduces power consumption.

The curtains maintain a temperature of no lower than +6o C inside the barn, which allows to preserve cow performance in winter time.

Almost twice the heat insulation compared to any other system!

It is well known, that cows endure the cold well, because they generate heat themselves. The more productive the cow, the more heat it produces. It is also common knowledge that the most dangerous thing for a cow is a draught.

“IsoCell” inflatable curtains provide:

  • Double heat insulation;
  • Excellent translucence;
  • Higher reliability;
  • Prevention of ice formation;
  • Improved compression thanks to the construction of the “W”-membrane;
  • Apertures up to 3 meters;
  • Optimal temperatures inside the barn in any season.

The “W”-shaped membrane, placed in accordance the “IsoCell” technology between the outer and inner surfaces, allows to form a unique ventilation wall with numerous heat-insulating cells.

The heat-insulating barrier that is present in “IsoCell” inflatable curtains minimizes heat transfer from the warm inner wall to the cold outer wall.

Thanks to the minimized heat transfer, the new “IsoCell” inflatable curtains are the most heat-insulating, economical and efficient product available on the market.

An excellent solution for natural ventilation that provides translucence, heat insulation and durability.