“Blast” recirculation fans

“Blast” recirculation fans – optimal microclimate all year long

These fans are the optimal solution of the issue of air recirculation thanks to various diameters and capacity. These fans can be used in buildings of various sizes to accelerate air at the animal level.

The “Blast” recirculation fans are the most powerful and efficient kind available at the market. The fan case is made of fiberglass. The construction of the smooth bell-shaped inlet ensures maximum speed and range of the air stream during discharge. The fiberglass case ensures a significantly lighter weight compared to similar fans in metal cases, which has a positive effect on the convenience of fan operation. The fan is suitable for work in the most adverse environmental conditions at cattle and poultry breeding complexes. The capacity and efficiency of the new range of fans raises the bar for the competition to a new height.

The most suitable cases of application

  • Exceptionally high speed of the air stream created;
  • Perfectly suitable for air cooling in cattle and poultry breeding complexes;
  • Mixing of air layers allows to reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 35%;
  • Preservation of a stable temperature in buildings and greenhouses;
  • Insect protection by means of formation of an air stream with the velocity fo 91,44 meters per minute;
  • Provision of air exchange in case of location in wall apertures;
  • Use of a high-velocity air stream to create an air curtain;
  • Cooling of equipment and compressors;
  • Drying of wet floors, golf fields, bedding for animals.

Characteristics of electric engines for fans with 90-127 cm diameters

  • CSA/CSA-US certified;
  • Frequency of supply current 50/60 Hz;
  • Isolation class - F;
  • 1,21 or 1,42 m frame, according to the Standards of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association;
  • Insulation material – Nomex, manufactured by DuPont;
  • Rotors are balanced to reduce vibrations and noise and increase longevity;
  • To decrease rotor axle play, the electric engine’s housing has been mechanically treated with a <0,5mm precision;
  • Electric engines are certified by the Canadian Standards Association for the Canadian and US markets for operation at ambient air up to 40˚C, but they are also able to work at temperatures up to 65˚C;
  • Copper coil temperature class - Н;
  • Work range for ambient air temperature for the bearing: -40˚C to 140˚C;
  • Nominal voltage of the condenser is 450 V, lifespan - 10 000 hours;
  • Rotors and stators are made of electric steel;
  • 1-year full warranty.