Manure removal systems

Manure removal systems – control over the pollution of the environment!

Manure removal from the barn is one of the most labor-intensive processes in cattle management. Because of this, many animal breeding complexes and farms switch to automated manure removal systems. A strong construction, which makes it impossible to harm the animals, is intended for removing both solid manure with chopped straw and liquid manure. It ensures efficient cleaning and perfect sanitary and hygienic condition of animal housing facilities. The use of a scraper improves cow comfort and prevents hoof diseases.

Drive station. Patented product

The drive station is equipped with strong engines with a screw-type gearbox. The engines and the guide roller require no maintenance. Powerful drive parts are also used for tensioning of the drive chain. The station also features a microprocessor controller. Adjustment of tractive force and protection from freezing ensure high safety of operation. Secure angle rollers reduce maintenance costs. The rollers are  made of strong plastic and are mounted on stainless steel bolts 50 mm thick. The casing of the angle roller is made of stainless steel. The 13х39 drive chain is made of high-quality metal.

Special thermal treatment reduces tension and improves the chain’s wear-resistance and longevity.

Scrapers that are safe, strong and the most comfortable for animals

Retractable scrapers are very heavy and strong. The special shape of the outer valves ensures quick opening, which is especially convenient for the animals. Retractable scrapers can be set to retract in a single action manually, which allows to easily step over them. V-shaped scrapers are retracted during reverse motion. Now the animals won’t have to step over the scraper when it moves back. All the scrapers have wear-resistant scraping devices.

The scraper does not require a guide rail

Scrapers for passages are made, mostly, of stainless steel. A special retractable mechanism of the rubber plates results in maximum cleanliness.

Safe operation. A modern barn concept and optimized barn management

While the waiting zone is cleaned by the scraper, the scraper can simultaneously be used to move the cows. Scrapers are installed by highly qualified specialists to achieve the highest level safety during operation.

For the cows to be happy and clean, one needs to have a modern optimized barn layout. Climate, passage and stall design need to be well thought-out, so that maintenance are minimal. Some barns require innovative solutions.

We can offer the best layout solution for your barn. Barn layout concepts are also available for passages.