“Permastore” manure silos

“Permasote” manure silos – reliable manure storage and prevention of pollution of the environment!

Manure is a high-quality organic fertilizer, which can always be applied at field of cooperative and private farms. Therefore, at animal farms, it is always collected, stored and, as necessary, used for field fertilization. The surplus can always find a buyer. Proper long-term manure and slurry storage leads to preservation of trace elements necessary for plant feeding and prevents pollution of the environment, caused by flushing of part of the trace elements and penetration of soil and water.

Manure storage, prevention of environmental pollution

“Permastore”, the leading company at the manure storage and pollution prevention market, has served farmers for 45 years. “Permastore” is the only supplier of manure silos in Great Britain since 1959.

Years of experience

For the first time in 1959, due to lack of feed and grain silos, high-quality glass-fused-to-steel silos turned out to be the most cost-efficient and reliable solution for numerous ecological issues all over the world.

30 year life span

High-quality glass-fused-to-steel constructions by “Permastore” have been widely used for sewage storage. The experience accumulated during 40 years, along with independent assessments, constant product development and quality improvement guarantee a life span of at least 30 years in accordance with ISO 15686 parts 1, 2 and 3.

Determination of silo volume depending on cow number

Silo volume = number of cows х 12 gallons (54 l) х days of storage.

Standard silo volume for flushing water = number of cows х 4 gallons (18 l) х days of storage.

Standard volumes for swine

Standard swine manure silo volume = number of swine х 1.5-2.0 gallons (7-10 l) х days of storage.

Silo assembly requires no special skills or equipment to ensure a 30-year life span.

Silo range:

model diameter, m volume, m3
6720 20,49 1856
7020 21,35 2014
7320 22,20 2178
7620 23,05 2349
7820 23,91 2526
8120 24,76 2709
8420 25,62 2900
8720 26,47 3096
9020 27,32 3299
9220 28,18 3508
9520 29,03 3724
9820 29,89 3947
10120 30,74 4175
10420 31,59 4410
10620 32,45 4652
10920 33,31 4941
12020 36,72 6007