The hydrodynamic hoof bath

The hydrodynamic hoof bath

This walkthrough hoof bath consists of two channels, through which medication or disinfectants are pumped at high speeds. While the cow walks through the channels, the liquid gets heavily splashed on the legs and heel sections of the hoofs, washing off contamination from wounds and out of the inter-digital spaces. Powerful streams spray medications into hard-to-reach places between the front of the hoof and the heel. The hydrodynamic hoof bath uses two separate channels, which make the cows move slowly through the 3-meter long bath. This ensures full medication penetration.

Hoof bath

The bath is equipped with a small 15 l accumulation tank, from which the pressurized liquid is supplied to the channels. This tank is constantly filled from the storage reservoir, located inside the barn in a convenient spot. The bath is turned on automatically when the cow enters it. While the cow is walking through the bath and getting the medicine, water is being filtered through a sieve with a brush for separation of solid particles from the liquid, and is then returned to the tank. The tank is constantly refilled up to 15 liters from the reservoir, which is already filled with water and disinfectant or medication. This maintains high quality of treatment from the first cow to the last. About ¾ l is consumed per cow. The system is connected to the power supply network.

The system is constantly refilled with the necessary amount of medication of disinfectant solution. The storage and refill reservoir can be located in any convenient spot inside the barn.


Cows quickly get used to the bath. However, it is initially recommended to lead the cow through a dry water before starting the sprinkling mechanism. Two separate channels make the cows walk slowly and carefully through the 3 m long bath. This process ensures complete medication infiltration into the hoofs.


  • Powerful streams spread the liquid on the cow’s legs and heels for deep cleaning of the inter-hoof space;
  • The construction and length of channels help the cows walk slowly, achieving intensive cleaning and liquid infiltration;
  • The filtration technique and constant refilling with fresh liquid from the storage reservoir preserve high treatment quality from the first cow to the last;
  • No manual labor – the system cleans and fills itself automatically;
  • The system is made entirely of stainless steel;
  • All water-soluble substances can be used;
  • Low water consumption approx. 4 liters per 5 cows. The hydrodynamic bath is automatically cleaned, water is recirculated and refilled constantly.


Research has shown that after 6 weeks of medical treatment, cows achieve the desired result.

The hydrodynamic hoof bath is the perfect method of treatment and prevention of infectious hoof diseases.

When the cow walks through the channels, the liquid is pumped through the bath and gets splashed, washing off the contamination from between the hoofs.