G4010 Q Profi square bale wrapper

(Made in Austria)

The G4010 Q Profi rectangular bale wrapper with a double wrapping arm is a stationary machine which is distinguished not only by its double wrapping arm, but also its PROFI fully automatic control system. With this wrapper you can wrap bales up to 2 meters in length. Another important advantage of the G4010 Q Profi is that you can also wrap round bales.


Weight: 2 820 kg

Length: 6 780 mm

Width: 2 400 mm

Height: 3 000 mm

Suitable for all bale dimensions from 0,80 х 0,80 m to 1,20 x1.20 m

Single/double bale lengths up to 2,00 m

Round bale diameter range 0,90 - 1,60 m

Required connections:

7-pin outlet for the entire lighting system, except the headlights