LDPE cover film

To protect silage and haylage pits, Biocom Technology LLC offers a multilayer polyethylene film LDPE-HDPE.

It also can be used to cover the bottom and walls of pits. Due to a special production technology, it has high mechanical strength, tightness, resistance to tearing, low temperatures. If the application technology observed, the film can be re-used (up to 3 seasons).

Film laying technology:

The film is stretched from both sides from the middle to the edges of the silage pit. The edges of the silage pit must be fully covered with film with a reserve of about 50 cm. The film must tightly cling to the whole silage surface, including hollows at the pit edges. When using several film rolls (the pit area is larger than one roll), it is necessary to lay the film with overlap (up to 1 m). The film can be welded on-site.

Modern film production technologies using advanced materials allows to increase puncture strength, which ensures film protection against rodents and birds.


  • The film is made to fit the pit, which minimizes the cost of the byer
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Well proven in winter
  • Has high physical and mechanical (including strength) performance
  • Good weldability
  • UV components protect the film from the damaging effects of sunlight
  • Laying the white side up allows for better temperature control (lactic acid bacteria likes to be cool)

Technical characteristics

Thickness , micron


Width, m (divisible by 3)

as  agreed with the customer

Length, m                               

as  agreed with the customer


Each batch of goods is tested in the production laboratory of Biocom Technology Ltd, which guarantees compliance with the requirements of technical specifications. The tests are carried out on the equipment of the world's leading manufacturers (Zwick/Roell (Germany) and Q-Sun (USA)).