Technological equipment for farms

Light-aeration roof ridge

Мanufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.

Manure removal systems

Removal of manure from the barn is one of the most labor-intensive processes in cattle management. Because of this, many animal breeding complexes and farms switch to automated manure removal systems.

Stable equipment

Stable equipment – higher quality, lower cost! Stable equipment is suitable for new and reconstructed barns alike, which is especially suitable for animal breeding in Belarus.

“Big Air” fans

“Big Air” ceiling fans – favorable climate inside the barn in any season

“IsoCell” inflatable curtains

“IsoCell” is an isolating and airtight system which allows to reduce heat losses, eliminate the risk of building freezing, provides plenty of light in the building, as well as a great influx of fresh air.

The cow brush

The presence of brushes in animal housing provides additional animal comfort and therefore helps increase milk yields.

The F60 teat scrubber

Washes, cleans and dries teats in less than 10 seconds before milking; Increased teat stimulation and milk flow;

Calf transportation cart (manufactured in-house)

Designed to transport calves within a farm. The cart allows one person to transport one calf. The cart can also be used to transport feed, straw, accessories and other loads.

Self-propelled multifunctional machine Spandy 1.8H

Страна производства – Италия.


Use of modern drinking systems helps support proper water supply to animals. Any cow needs plenty of drinking. On average, a cow drinks at least 60-80 liters of water daily, while a high-performance cow drinks up to 130. In order to produce one liter of milk a cow needs to consume up to 5 l of water.

Slatted floors

One of the new technologies in animal housing construction is the use of concrete slatted floors. The building process includes not only the installation of concrete constructions, but also design of complexes with the possibility of pump-based manure removal.

Rubber flooring

High-quality rubber floors are made using the most up-to-date technologies. They are long-lasting and durable, easy to install, they have great mechanical properties and correspond to all the requirements of veterinary medicine and cattle housing technologies.

Manure separation, mixing and pumping equipment

Liquid manure, acquired from animal farms, is a valuable natural fertilizer. It can be easily incorporated into the natural cycle as long as it is applicable for use in a certain place and depending on specific plant requirements.

Milk and feed pasteurizer Tata Calf

150L and 200L milk and feed pasteurizer Tata Calf is a heater, mixer and distributor. Mobile pasteurizer with 3 big wheels. Made of stainless steel. Tank capacity up to 200 liters.

“Loda” fiber glass silos and tanks

Connected to the T4C management program.

The deep tiltable drinker.

Your animals will get a supply of fresh, clean and cool water all year round

The inverted L-shaped cow brush

Mechanical models of cattle brushes are also available at the farm equipment market. Their advantage is the possibility to save power.

The “AgriLed Red” lighting system

“AgriLed Red” – light for cows – is more than just lamps for barn lighting. It is a comprehensive differential approach to barn lighting.

Ventilation shafts

Ventilation shafts have a special shape to provide optimal and effective microclimate at the farm. The pipes of the ventilation shafts are made of high-density polyethylene – a strong material that resists ultraviolet exposure and is not degradable under the influence of external factors.

“Blast” recirculation fans

“Blast” recirculation fans – optimal microclimate all year long

Systems for transporting and distribution of manure into soil

Manure disposal is the issue that every animal breeding complex faces. Liquid animal waste is a unique and valuable organic fertilizer.

The “Walkway” automatic hoof washing and disinfection system

Animal hoof health is very important at a dairy farm. It affects fertility, productivity and feed consumption, as well as care costs etc.

Hoof bath

To fight dermatitis, a new hoof bath using brushes was developed.

Semi-automatic hoof treatment crush

Culling of dairy cows due to hoof diseases can reach up to 20%. It is much easier and cheaper to prevent hoof diseases than it is to treat them. For this, you will need a hoof treatment crush.

The automatic hoof treatment crush

The hoof treatment crush is used to restrain the animal and its limbs for the duration of hoof treatment and other veterinary, preventive and treatment activities.