The F60 teat scrubber

The F60 teat scrubber

  • Washes, cleans and dries teats in less than 10 seconds before milking;
  • Increased teat stimulation and milk flow;
  • Thorough dirt removal from the sphincter;
  • Helps reduce bacterial content and somatic cell count;
  • Improves mastitis control;
  • Improves milk quality;
  • No need for additional teat treatment before milking;
  • Water economy up to 80%;
  • A lightweight and easy to use device that is quickly assembled;
  • Adaptable to any milking system.

    • Low water consumption. The F60 uses 1 lt of water to clean 5/6 cows = 100 lt for 500/600 cows.
    • Low chemical product consumption (based on the use of Pulisan concentrate). The product is used at a:
      • 2% solution, 0,4 lt of product wash 500/600 cows (use of Pulisan concentrate: 4 lt concentrate + 16 lt water = 20 lt ready to use product).
    • Faster letdown. The brushes give a massage to the teats and the cow is stimulated in a very effective way, she gives milk really soon, as soon as the group is attached. (General knowledge - the standard: cows need 90 seconds approx. to let milk down, that's the time for oxitocin to reach the brains and tell it to give milk. With the F60 they do give milk before 90 secs).
    • Regular movement of the brushes. The brushes always spin at the same speed and they give the same, regular, stimulation to the teat. Milkers can't do that by hand. Cows are calmer with the F60 because there's lesser impact on their teats. (Note: cows usually get used to the F60 after 2 or 3 milkings. Milkers will generally need longer times.)
    • Brushes clean thoroughly. Better than what milkers would do by hand in the same time.
    • Brushes clean quickly. 8 to 12 seconds to fully prepare a cow (wash + dry + disinfect)
    • On the larger farms, they can even reduce the number of milkers in the parlor. Where they have 3 or more people in the parlor (often in Mexico, quite often in the US, ...) they can easily do without one of the persons because with the F60 two milkers are enough in order to prep the cow, let cows in and out, attach the groups and so on..
    • Low maintenance costs.


    • Full isolation
    • 24 V low-voltage motor
    • Power requirement - 220 V
    • Pressure - 2 to 4 bar
    • Water temperature - 36° C


    We provide the products necessary for the F60.


    1.    The F60  washes, massages, disinfects and dries the teats before milking. The massage provides perfect stimulation of the udder, which makes the milking faster and more efficient. 

    2.    By automatically eliminating the pre-milk, the F60 allows to reduce bacterial content and the somatic cell count.  After the drying phase, the teats will be perfectly disinfected and all of the "first" milk will be drained, which guarantees increased milk hygiene and quality. 

    3.    While two upper brushes clean the upper teat surface and the adjacent area of the udder, the lower brush thoroughly cleans the teat end and the sphincter. A mixture of warm water and a special highly efficient disinfectant provides the best hygiene and udder care.

    4.    The F60 MINI is recommended for milking farms housing up to 150 cows; the F60 TOP and MAXI models are recommended for milking farms with more than 150 cows. All F60 models have full electric isolation and are driven by a low-voltage motor in order to guarantee maximum safety of workers and cows.