Self-propelled multifunctional machine Spandy 1.8H


Self-propelled multifunctional machine Spandy 1.8H, designed for the simultaneous cleaning of stalls and changing the bedding. Consists of a four-wheel chassis and a rotating brush located at the front of the machine, as well as a self-loading storage hopper. All control levers are easily accessible from the center driver's seat.

Due to the presence of a hydraulic distributor, the front brush and the storage hopper are raised and lowered, as well as the motors are switched on and off, due to which the front brush rotates, as well as the bedding is unloaded from the storage hopper.



  • The presence of a belt system equipped with rollers allows minimum amount of dust when unloading the bedding.
  • Hydrostatic transmission allows you to drive Spandy using the control pedal.
  • Front wheels, front drive wheels 6.50-16 and rear steering wheels 16x6.50-8 are equipped with brakes.
  • The steering gear has a load sensing hydraulic system.
  • Spandy 1.8's hydrostatic equipment provides fast stall cleaning while simultaneously changing bedding, thus ensuring good stall hygiene, reducing time and operating costs. The height of the rotating brush is automatically adjusted, and the brush is raised and lowered while removing dirt. The scraper provides a thorough cleaning of the lower edges of  ascending grade, sweeping out the dirt once and for all.
  • Proper control of timely bedding changes, as well as constant cleanliness and dry conditions, can reduce bacterial exposure as well as the risk of mastitis. In particular, due to the daily full bedding change at the rear part of the stall, there is a decrease  in the number of somatic cells in milk.
  • Due to its small size and weight, as well as a turning radius of 1.8 m, it can be easily used on any floor covering (also on temporary floor grating ), as well as in calf barns with low roofs. Large wheels can handle grades with ease, and the hydrostatic power steering makes it easy to adapt to all working conditions. The hydraulic drive, controlled from the driver's seat, requires minimal maintenance, ensures quiet operation, reliability and safety.
  • The rear-mounted self-loading hopper can dispense various types of bedding: sawdust, granular material (einkorn wheat, straw, etc.), chopped straw, rice husk. Various settings allow you to control the amount of applied bedding and minimize waste.


Technical characteristics

  • three-cylinder diesel engine Lombardini FOCS 1003 LDW, with electric start;
  • engine volume 1028 cm³;
  • engine power (DIN 70020) 19 kW (25.5 hp);
  • turning radius 1.8 m;
  • width: 1.62 m;
  • height: 1.90 m;
  • length: 3.60 m;
  • maximum load: 1.83 m3;
  • weight: 630 kg.