Cooling tank Pro-Inox-FE-5000L

Cooling tank for temporary storage and cooling of freshly milked milk on the farm.

The cooling tank meets the following requirements and consists of:

  • closed cooling tank, elliptical section, direct cooling, cooling class 2ВII;
  • made of stainless acid-resistant food grade steel;
  • self-inclusive automatic washing machine with automatic dosing of detergents. - pumps for dosing acidic and alkaline detergents, a water drain valve, a water drain system and detergents;
  • systems for automatic mixing of milk during storage;
  • control unit - control of the automatic cooling and washing functions, setting the cooling mode and temperature, constant digital display, milk temperature value, washing program selection and adjusting them, displaying operating modes on the display, emergency indicator;
  • adjustable start delay for the cooling unit;
  • lower loading of milk;
  • butterfly valve with pneumatic drive;
  • screw joint for unloading milk DIN50. Milk discharge pipe design in accordance with international standards (ISO 5708);
  • overall dimensions of the tank (L * W * H), mm 3420x1855x1955;
  • availability of a control system for filling the cooling tank and switching on the compressor-condenser unit of units for “soft” milk cooling;
  • the compressor and cooling unit is equipped with a Danfoss MLZ038 5.5hp scroll compressor. 400V, 50Hz.
  • overall dimensions of the compressor and cooling unit (L * W * H), no more than 600x1600x1400 mm;
  • the condensing unit of the milk tank is equipped with a heat recovery system.