“Big Air” fans

“Big Air” ceiling fans – favorable climate inside the barn in any season

Ferroconcrete constructions which are currently used when building many barns have high heat conductivity. They are hot in the summer and cold in the winter, which leads to formation of condensate and high humidity inside the building. Absence of ventilation in the barn leads to an accumulation of ammonia vapors and an increase of the number of pathogenic bacteria. All of this has an adverse effect on animal health and, therefore, reduces their performance.

The basis for optimal inner microclimate in the barn is proper ventilation

“Big Air” fan features:

  • Perfectly rotating blades;
  • Double system of protective locks;
  • Easy to operate, includes a remote control system;
  • Provides good ventilation and produces little noise;
  • High power at low rotation;
  • The fan cools the barn in the summer;
  • In winter, the fan lowers the hot air accumulated under the barn roof;
  • The only HVLS fans certified by the Association of ventilation and conditioning equipment producers;
  • Perfect rotation;
  • Anodized aluminum blades;
  • Just 6 blades give proper ventilation and require no repairs;
  • Improved safety system with double blocking, patent pending;
  • Innovative mounting system fully isolates the fan from the building construction. The system prevents transfer of vibrations from fan operation to the building construction;
  • Simple control unit with reverse function;
  • Lifetime warranty on blades, 3-year warranty on other components.
Rotor diameter, m 4,27 6,07 7,32
Volume of lowered air, m3/h 217 490 403 058 640 194
Volume of lifted air, m3/h 152 243 282 141 448 136
Motor power, h.p. 2 2 2
Maximum speed, rpm 65 65 65
Weight, kg 73 84 92