Suspended equipment

3020 А root crop bucket

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.). A reliable and highly efficient device. By accelerating the harvesting processes, it allows to save costs and manpower

3022А multipurpose clamshell bucket

(manufactured in-house by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.). The 3022A multipurpose clamshell bucket is indispensable for agriculture, utilities, demolition works, construction sites, laying lines of communication, road repair works — while handling operations with long materials, technological processes with bulk materials (e.g. sand, slag, crushed rock, gravel, scrap metal etc.), in sorting, light layout and other types of work.

3021А Grain bucket

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.). The grain bucket is a separate suspended device to be used with universal loaders of any brand.

High-lift bucket GHU

The main purpose of the GHU bucket is the lifting and unloading of bulk cargo to a large height, for example, loading grain, beets, briquettes into the bunker, leveling the soil, transporting stones, land, and snow removal.

Roll splitter

It is intended for grinding the pressed rolls of haylage (straw) in a film, a grid or a twine with the subsequent loading in the mixer-scaffolding, or grinding of rolls directly on a place of feeding.

Excavation bucket

The excavation bucket is a separate hinged device used with front loaders.

Bucket for light materials with angular profile

The grain bucket is a separate attachment used with front loaders. According to the customer, it is possible to make buckets for hinged adapters of any loaders.

Bucket for manure

Suitable for cleaning farms from manure

Forks "Crocodile"

Suitable for cleaning farms from manure

Blade for feed

The blade for feed is a separate attachment used with universal loaders of the AMKODOR 332C, AMKODOR 333C, AMKODOR 342C and AMKODOR 343C series.

Big John 42DL Tree Transplant

The Big John 42 DL transplant belongs to the series for installation on a front loader with a recommended load capacity of 2 tons.

Multipurpose bucker 3029A

Manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.