3020 А root crop bucket

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.). A reliable and highly efficient device. By accelerating the harvesting processes, it allows to save costs and manpower. The bucket is designed for loading and unloading works in various fields of agriculture, it main designation is the loading of root crops (beets, potatoes etc.) into vehicles or heaps.

The bucket has a welded grid-like structure to ensure root crop cleaning of dirt during loading. The rear bucket wall has welded lifting eyes for suspension on a loader’s adapter. The bucket is made of high-grade, engineering and general purpose steel, the bucket tines are covered with a hard-alloy plating, which increases wear-resistance and longevity of both the tines and the bucket itself while working with abrasive and hard surfaces.

The upper part of the bucket has an additional guard to avoid root crop spillage onto the loader adapter’s moving parts while lifting the bucket to big heights.

Technical characteristics:

Bucket capacity, m3


Specific weight of transported material, no more than, t/m3


Weight, kg


Length, m


Width, m


Height, m