“Precisa” precision seed drills, 6-8 rows for maize, sugar beets, soy, sunflower, rapeseed

(manufactured by “Biocom Technology” Ltd.).
Distance between rows 45-70-75 cm

Technical characteristics:

  • Three-point tractor linkage
  • PVC seed hopper, 44 l
  • Chain drive
  • Furrow opening adjustment with coulter
  • Seed depth adjustment with lever
  • Seed selector
  • Mechanical row disabling device – electronic on request
  • Window for quick seed hopper emptying
  • Double parallelogram
  • Disc coulters (on request)
  • Pressure springs
  • Hydraulic marker with discs
  • Drive shaft

Vacuum meter unit – it is the true heart of the machine, setting seeding precision. The entire compression chamber rotates together with the seeding disc. This allows to avoid disc abrasion, which, in time, can lead to loss of aspiration and seeding accuracy.


  1. Heavy duty cast iron dosing device with an inspection window for easy inspection and control over seed suction accuracy.
  2. Seed selector made with the use of a special acetal resin, securely attached to a seeding disc by two magnets. Disassembly, replacement of elements, maintenance and cleaning of seeding discs is done quickly and easily.
  3. Suction of single seeds and subsequent precise seeding are controlled by a distributor lever. A wide adjustment range allows to avoid the presence of double seeds and gaps.
  4. The seeding discs are designed to avoid loss of suction. They only have seed holes. The thrust spring guarantees fixation of the compression chamber (5), which, by rotating with the disc, allows to avoid abrasion thereof.


The machine can be used with various types of discs for different crops with distances ranging from 2.2 to 53.7 cm.

Discs for maize, sugar beets, soybeans, sunflower seeds, sorghum, rapeseed, peanuts and other crops are available on request.

Seed hopper emptying is done very easily. The installed window allows to completely unload it in a few seconds.


Transport width, m

Distance between rows, cm