Purchase on credit

Currently we cooperate with the Development Bank, which gives our customers (outside the Republic of Belarus) export loans on attractive terms.


Purpose of loan Payment for the goods (work, services) supplied (performed) by residents of the Republic of Belarus. The Borrower is a buyer of Belarusian-made products, a non-resident, including the subjects of the exporter’s distribution network.
Minimal loan amount 1 000 000 U.S. Dollars equivalent (in certain cases – less)
Maximum loan amount 85% of the export contract amount (15% of the export contract amount – from other sources)
Loan currency U.S. Dollars, Euros, Russian rubles
Loan period до Up to 5 years
Type of crediting Revolving line of credit, non-revolving line of credit, lump-sum credit
Interest rate
  • U.S. Dollars, Euro - CIRR (http://www.oecd.org/tad/exportcredits/cirrs.pdf) (currently - 1,85% per annum in U.S. Dollars and 0,36% - in Euros)
  • Russian rubles - 2/3 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (currently - 7% per annum)
Thus the effective interest rate for the borrower is the following: bank’s interest rate + insurance expenses, which depend on the country risk, the borrower’s financial condition and the presence of additional security (Russian rubles = 7+ (1 to 4 %)= from 8% per annum)
Security Insurance coverage by the Insurance Company “Eximgarant of Belarus (obligatory).
In a number of cases additional security may be necessary: government guarantee, local government guarantee, third-party guarantee, bank guarantee etc.
Insurance premium To be paid before loan drawing, as % of the loan amount. The amount depends on the category of country risk, the borrower’s financial condition and the presence of additional security. Payment options: one-time, semiannually, quarterly