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APC “Sokolovschina”

Vitebsk region, Verkhnedvinsk area, Lavruki village. The “Lavruki” milking farm for 140 heads of milking cattle with two “Astronaut A3” milking robots.

“Lavruki” milking farm

It is here that the first two “Astronaut A3” milking robots were installed in September 2008. 2 robots were installed in one building. One robot is intended for 70 cows and is serviced by one operator. The “Astronaut” has replaced a team of eight people – four milkers, one substitute milker, two animal handlers and a metalworker. In order to provide the best cow comfort, automatic “Luna” brushes were installed. In order to supply the cows with well-balanced concentrate feed, “Cosmix” concentrate feeders were installed. As a result, 97% of the milk shipped from the “Lavruki” farm is of “extra”-quality.