Our projects

APC “Snov agricultural complex”

Minsk region, Nesvizh area, Drutskovschizna village. “Drutskovschizna” milking farm for 600 heads of milking cattle with 5 dual-unit “Astronaut A4” milking robots.

“Drutskovschizna” milking farm

In September 2012, “Biocom Technology” Ltd. supplied and installed the following:

  • 5 dual-unit “Astronaut A4” milking robots;
  • Milk storage and cooling equipment: 2 “Nautilus” milk cooling tanks, 10000-liter and 4000-liter volume, 4 colostrum cooling tanks, 300-liter volume;
  • Concentrate feed supply system for milking robots and “Cosmix”  feeding stations;
  • 9 “Cosmix” concentrate feeders.